Thursday, 21 May 2015

Just Lucky that Way

I couldn't help myself.  I have no spine.  I caved.

I took a story prompt again this year.

But late.  So I'm going to have to write fast to make my deadline...

The working title is Just Lucky that Way.  It's going to be a contemporary, urban fantasy thriller.  Well, I'm going to try with the "thriller" part, seeings how I'm a more character-driven writer.  But I have plans! And a plot! And a hot man in a kilt! No BDSM this year, though, at the prompter's request. But they didn't say anything about no kink...

I'll post links and an excerpt when it's ready to go, sometime this summer.

Also hope to finish the rest of Stranded by Lies while I'm between Evil Day Jobs, and possibly, the next segment of As He Watches (but that's less likely with that pesky Real Life intruding all the time).

Any requests?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cliffhangers and Sequels

I hate cliffhangers.  Really hate them.  I never stop wondering - what happened next? Did good triumph over evil? Did the boy get the boy (or girl/shifter/tentacle monster) and live happily ever after? 

So I have to admit feeling a little guilty for leaving the ending for Stranded by Lies at the point I did - I had planned to finish the story after the next scene (which still would have been a cliffhanger), but due to time constraints, I decided I would rather use the rest of the time available editing what I had, rather than trying to rush through the next part, just to finish where I wanted.  Sadly, I am a novel writer, not a short story writer (yes, even though Lies is 45,000 words, for me, that's a short story) and my ideas always seem to grow the more I write.  For this reason, I have decided I won't participate in the Don't Write in the Closet event again next year.  Actually, I have decided not to write anymore, period.

That said, I was wondering if anyone would like me to finish Stranded by Lies? (or hey, possibly even As he Watches) Let me know, as I might dust off my keyboard once again.  I'm not sure when it would be ready, or how I would make it available, but I'd likely combine the two parts and publish it on Smashwords.  Free, of course.

If you're interested, let me know - you can leave a comment, send me an email to, or find me on Facebook or Goodreads.

Thanks, and happy reading!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Stranded by Lies now available

Stranded by Lies is now available for download in all formats. And it's free!


Hope you enjoy it!

 contemporary, alternate universe
Tags: fetish/toys, light BDSM, D/s relationship, friends to lovers, aliens, soulmates/bonded, HFN
Word Count: 45,487

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Stranded by Lies

I've finished my new free story (for the Loves Landscapes event on Goodreads) and am now awaiting edits.  Once it's finished and all formats are available, I'll post links here.  This time around it's Sci-Fi, but very light on the Sci part - in fact, I'm almost tempted to call it paranormal or alternate reality.  It's a novella (45,000 words) with a smidge of D/s and a stock 1965 Mustang.  For a bit of fun, I made my own cover this year so it's easy to spot. Next time round, I think I'll leave the cover design to the pros!  Should be out sometime this summer - most likely July.

Next up:  Sequels!  I have a few outstanding sequels that I'll be working on, including ones for As he Watches and A Thread of Deepest Black.  I also have two stand alone stories close to completion, and if they turn out, I'll work on getting them published.

Also have plans to get a website up and functioning this summer - just need more hours in the day!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Coming Soon and other stuff

I'm taking a break from the "Evil Day Job" so I can concentrate on some of the many stories that have been languishing for want of an uninterrupted stretch of time to finish them. 

So over the next few months that I have off, I hope to complete a few stories, including the next segment of As He Watches, which will be my next freebie.  I'm also hoping to finish A Trick of the Light, the sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black.  If time permits, who knows, we might get to hear from Evan and Jamie from Not His Kiss to Take...  I also have another stand-alone contemporary I'm working on that I'm dying to finish (even I want to know what happens next!).  So if you are looking for me to get off my butt and finish something ahead of the others, leave a comment or send me an email at - I can be bribed with flattery, LOL!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to all!

I just love this shot of the Kamloops, British Columbia area (home, sweet home):


So I've got some stories on the go for 2014 - don't know how many I'll finish, but on my To Do list:

- A Trick of the Light.  This is a story set in the same world as A Thread of Deepest Black

- As He Touches.  Part 2 of As He Watches, so we can all find out what happens after 3 o'clock

- Lullaby of Lies.  Contemporary conspiracy theory with a hint of paranormal/sci-fi

- My YA story set in the same world as A Thread of Deepest Black.  This is the Prince of Thorns' story - no title as yet, but I have lots of ideas for one percolating.

I'm taking a break from my evil day job in the new year, so I'll have more time for writing.  And house cleaning.  And all those other things that never get done.  I will reclaim the garage for my car.  Maybe!

So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I wish you the joy of family, friends and a good book.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

In Progress

Summer's over.  Already. Sigh.  But that also means more writing time for me!  I make no apologies for being selfish (and the kids were getting bored anyway...) So, here's what I have on the go, and what I hope to accomplish story-wise, and yes, I know I'm slow:

Lullaby of Lies - Spies, lies, Black Ops, conspiracies, false identities and two polar opposites who share the same motto: Trust No One.  Until they have to trust each other in order to survive.  This will be a contemporary m/m with BDSM elements (moderate to lite, depending on your opinion), hurt/comfort and probably some angst, because, you know, Trust No One.  I really hope this one turns out how it plays in my head.  It will probably be long...just sayin'.  The picture below is a clue, wink-wink.


A Trick of the Light.  Yes, there is a sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black, it just needs some love, and I love my shifter/werewolf world, so I will find some time to work on this soon.  There is also a prequel, which is Young Adult about the Prince of Thorns (not m/m).  It needs revising and editing and I want to get that done soon as well as it is my fave pet project.  I really wish I could clone myself, LOL.

I am also working on a ghost story, as yet unnamed, and no it's not a friendly ghost, so nobody will be getting warm and fuzzy feelings from it, more like cold and creepy feelings.  I'm not a horror writer, but if it gives readers the willies, so much the better!

And for those who liked my Love Has No Boundaries short, As He Watches, I do plan on writing about whatever the hell happens after 3:00 because I can't stand not knowing myself.  Erik needs to spend some time in that corset, damn it.  And Winter needs to, I mean, needs to learn the fine art of wooing.  And spanking...well, spanking Erik, which is actually harder on Winter.  I expect to make this a freebie as well.

And then there's that sequel to Not His Kiss To Take.  Ah, do I love thee and thy snarky nicknames, let me count the ways...

So that's my update - don't know what I'll finish first though, the muse always has a mind of it's own, the darn thing.

Thanks for checking in and happy reading.